About Us

VAT consulting company ELIN SCHNEDLER APS is a company with core competencies in sales tax. We service companies in connection with VAT refund, VAT registration and VAT representation.

We started up in late 1988 with the aim to reclaim a large proportion of the VAT which was not refunded from abroad to Denmark. This has succeeded beyond all expectation and we have achieved great recognition for our work.

We are based in “Cold Hawaii”, Klitmøller in Thy but, despite the remote location by the North Sea, our clients are located throughout the country and much of the world. We service all types of businesses, small and large. See our reference here.

The best service and personal contact

Our permanent staff counts seven people and each has a personal area of expertise. This means that you will have direct contact with the person who is processing your case and that personal service enables us to provide the best service possible. Each of us specialize in the rules of particular countries which enables us to help you with particular problems. Please click here to see who on our staff can be of help to you.

As far as VAT refund is concerned, we will do whatever we can to make sure as much reclaim is authorized by the authorities as possible. If the documents do not meet the requirements we will try to have them changed so they can be approved. In the event that an invoice should not have contained VAT we will contact the supplier to obtain credit on the VAT amount.

Competitive prices

Our concept regarding VAT refund assistance has remained unchanged since our start in 1988. We work on a commission basis. What that means for you is that we take 12 % commission of the amount that is approved. Upon receiving the money from the foreign authorities, we will transfer 88 % of the approved amount to your account. We do have a minimum commission of kr. 300,- per VAT application, per country. If the VAT application is not approved, you will pay us nothing. This, however, does not apply if you are asking us to withdraw the application after we have applied for a VAT refund. In regards to our other services such as VAT registration and VAT representation a fixed price is agreed upon for the individual case.