VAT Control

As something new, we perform internal VAT checks, where we examine the entries in your Danish travel expenses / employee expenses. This is to ensure that your entries have the correct tax code so that the VAT you deduct is correct and in line with the somewhat complicated Danish VAT rules.


  • How to deal with hotel receipts?
  • What does one do with hotel receipts that are not clearly split into room and meals?
  • What about deductions for staff costs, such as meals at internal meetings at the company, presents, internet- and telephone subscriptions, clothes for work, team building, training costs, etc.?
  • What are the rules for restaurant visits?
  • Can you deduct VAT on promotional items, samples and representation?
  • What are the VAT rules regarding automotive expenditures such as fuel, bridge tolls and the like?
  • Can sales slips and receipts without name of company be used in regards to VAT return?
  • How are invoices, for electronic services from foreign suppliers, but issued with Danish VAT, handled (MOSS rules)?

We will help ensure that you do no cheat on your taxes and, equally important, do not cheat yourselves for a tax deduction that you are entitled to.

We have a solid knowledge of the Danish VAT rules and keep ourselves updated on any changes of said rules. We have expanded our staff so we prospectively are equipped to handle this task.

So, in case you feel, like many other companies, that this is a big challenge, then please contact us for further information. We will be happy to visit your company for a noncommitting chat about how we can accomplish this task.

You may call us at +45 97 97 55 55 to talk about how we can help your company or you can write us an email