VAT registered companies can receive a refund of foreign VAT on goods and services. Avoid complicated VAT rules and time-consuming paperwork. We can help you recover VAT from 36 countries.

All companies, big and small, should make it a priority to reclaim VAT, especially since it is not possible to reclaim the refundable VAT from abroad by the regular tax system. We would like to help you and all that is required is for you to send us the original or digital foreign VAT receipts and sign us up at TastSelv Erhverv. We will handle all the paperwork on your behalf. To read a simplified progress of a refund application, click here.

What is refundable

A VAT refund can be received for money spent on business activities such as travel, hotel expenses, meals, taxi, car rental, fuel, conference, and trade show participation, and more. In addition, you can apply for a VAT refund on goods and services from abroad.

In what countries are VAT refundable?

A VAT refund can be applied for in all EU countries where the major trading partners Germany, Great Britain, and Sweden are among the countries that reimburse VAT on almost all services. We are also experiencing strong growth in many other countries, not least the East European countries.

It is also possible to apply for VAT refund in various countries outside of the EU, for example, Norway and Switzerland. For an overview, please see the menu on the right.

We may be authorized to seek a VAT refund on behalf of foreign companies, such as subsidiaries, in most other EU countries. In this regard, we are also capable of applying for Danish VAT on behalf of foreign companies.

General rules for the reimbursement of VAT

VAT rules vary from country to country and are frequently subject to change. For more information about the main rules and tax rates in each country, please see the menu on the right.

Common for all EU Countries and Norway is that VAT refund for the remainder of or the entire calendar year must be applied for no later than the 30th of September of the following year. For some countries outside the EU, e.g. Switzerland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands the deadline for VAT application is June 30th., but for other countries, it varies.

As a rule, the foreign authorities must process the refund application within four months after they have stated the reception of the application. Reimbursement is given within ten working days after the application has been processed. If the foreign authority needs additional information, this can extend the processing time by up to four months. Unfortunately, not all countries have the chance to meet these deadlines. It is therefore important to file the applications as soon as possible. Processing time will always be longer for applications shipped close to the deadline.

Prices on VAT refund

We work on a commission basis – “no cure – no pay”.

Our commission rate depends on how you wish us to review your travel bills. If you choose to find invoices and receipts yourselves and send them to us either by mail or email, our rate of commission is 12 %. If you choose our full-service agreement, where it is us who find your invoices and receipts our commission rate typically lies between 16 and 20% agreed upon the scope of the assignment.

A full-service arrangement might include:

  • Our team of consultants visit you at your address and manually review your travel expenses to find relevant invoices containing VAT. These are taken out of the expense report and replaced with a copy.
  • You send us files containing travel bills by mail, USB, SharePoint, Dropbox, or another file sharing service file which we review for usable attachments
  • You give us accounting access to your expense system (i.e. Concur Travel & Expense, Acubiz, Basware TEM, zExpense, Ibistic TEM, and others) and we draw out relevant information and attachments for the refund application.

Regardless of which model you choose our prices includes, among other services, checking if VAT is correctly added on the invoice; contact with the supplier for the restyling of invoices whenever relevant; follow-up with foreign authorities; appeals and re-applications as well as contact with a supplier following events where VAT is incorrectly charged.

We charge a minimum commission of DKK 500 per application. Additional expenses may occur, for example for use of a local agent in Switzerland or Japan, or costs for a receipt of a notarial certificate or an authorized translator.

Electronic travel and expense system

Does your company use an electronic travel and expense system such as Concur Travel & Expense, Acubiz, Basware TEM, zExpense, Ibistic TEM, or are you considering any such system? Yes, of course, we can handle your VAT refund – and in a way that saves you both time and effort. By accessing your travel expense system, we extract the information needed for the VAT refund application. A quick and straightforward process that requires virtually no work on your part.

Digital document storage

The same applies if your company stores invoices and receipts electronically. You just deliver the files to us on a USB or by mail, Dropbox, WeTransfer, SharePoint, or another similar method – we then review the files for relevant VAT attachments.

Contact us at +45 97 97 55 55 and receive a quote for a full-service solution.