Getting Started

If your company has yet to seek a VAT refund from abroad, it may be hard to grasp it all. That is very normal and this is where we come in.

On this page we will explain more about the procedure. If you have any further questions please feel free to call us at +45 97 97 55 55 or send us an email. We are ready to help you.

Simplified progression of the VAT Refund process

  1. You send the original or electronic documents to us (continuously or once a year). Or you have the following choices:
    1. Our team of consultants will come to you to review your documents for a given period. At these audits, they will collect the original documents and leave behind copies in place of the originals.
    2. We receive files with digital travel expense reports – we can receive them by mail, on a USB drive, file transfer, via Dropbox, SharePoint, WeTransfer or any other similar service. We review these reports and print out invoices containing VAT.
    3. By giving us access to your Travel and Expense systems (i.e. Concur Travel & Expense, Acubiz, Basware TEM, zExpense, Ibistic TEM or other similar software), we can find invoices, receipts and other information needed for the VAT application ourselves. This solution requires almost no effort on your part.
  1. New customers must permit us to make the applications on their companies behalf (Please see the instructions here).
  2. We process all documents in accordance with the rules of the country concerned.
  3. We finish the application when we have received all pertinent documents for the year in question.
  4. It may take up to four months (sometimes even longer) before we get a decision from the authorities.
  5. If the application is partially or fully rejected, we will investigate the possibility of an appeal of the decision or we will contact the supplier in the case of incorrect invoiced VAT.
  6. If the authorities have any questions regarding individual invoices, we make sure to provide answers to those questions within the given deadline.
  7. We send a letter to you with itemized billing as well as the original invoices, and transfer the amount deducted from our commission to your account.


Who can apply?

All companies, Danish and foreign, with a valid VAT number can apply.

What is refundable?

Generally speaking, all business expenditures incurred abroad are valid subjects for a VAT refund.  There are special rules for each country, and we have an intimate knowledge of these rules. Our recommendation is, therefore, that you send all these receipts for us to look at (please look at the Summary of refundable goods and services). In example, the receipts may be for taxi, hotel, accommodation, catering, supplier invoices, trade fairs, conferences, rental cars, fuel and advertising.

What is non-refundable?

There are special rules for each country; therefore, we again recommend that you send all your receipts to us so that we may assess what is refundable. However, the following purchases are non-refundable: Foreign flights and ferry rides, purchases made on international flights or ferries, hotel receipts from (among others), receipts with zero VAT bracket or private spending.

What about Purchase of electronic services for business purposes?

When a Danish company orders electronic services via the Internet from a company within the EU, for example, the purchase of software from either Microsoft, Apple or Adobe or advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook, it is important to state the company’s Danish CVR no. The invoice then becomes exempt from VAT. In case the purchasing company does not state its VAT number, the service will be billed as a private purchase and 25% Danish VAT will be added to the invoice and which, according to the Danish tax office, is not deductible in Denmark.

How much does it cost?

We take commission of the total amount refundable – no cure / no pay. The commission rate is based on the model you choose. There is a minimum fee of 500 Danish kroner + VAT per application.

How do we get started?

You are welcome to call us and make an appointment or you can just send us the original receipts by mail. Then you must log on to TastSelv Erhverv and allow us to send an application on your behalf. You will find instructions here. We will then contact you in the event that we have further questions in connection with the application. We would also like to be notified when we have received all documents for the claim year so that we can complete the application.